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Thread: Worst Alzheimer moment ever!

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    Worst Alzheimer moment ever!

    I'm really beginning to worry that something is wrong with my brain: I forgot the PIN number of my cash card! I've been using the same PIN for decades, several times a week when I'm buying groceries and stuff. But on Saturday when I was at the cash terminal, my brain had a complete blackout. I remembered the digits, but not the correct order. Three times I tried to insert that damn number, and after that, my card was locked. Over the weekend, I was pretty sure I now remembered the PIN so I called the bank this morning and they unlocked the card for me. I gave it another try at the cash terminal and again that stupid machine told me that the PIN was wrong.

    Feeling more than confused about the entire thing, I went to my bank this afternoon and ask for help. The lady at the counter suggested to use the two remaining tries until my card would be blocked again, which I did, hoping to finally type in the correct order of my PIN number. I didn't succeed. Now the only thing left was to order a new card for me with a new PIN number, and I was really embarrassed. I tried to make a lame apologogy, said something like "well, I really don't know how I could forget that number, after all, I'm not yet 80". The lady replied, "Well, maybe you partied too much." I: "no way..." She: "Alcohol maybe?". I, deeply embarassed: "I don't drink!!" (which is true, I don't drink any alcohol at all because I just don't like it). I couldn't say any more because I was so ashamed. Behind me, a line of bank customers was waiting, listening to this embarrassing conversation.

    I'm feeling really awful about the entire incident, and I really wonder how I could ever forget that PIN after so many years! After all, I'm someone who's famous for her memories of numbers and dates! This is really scaring me.

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    Kirsten, you have had so much on your mind with your kitties. I think the bank representative was rude to suggest that you could not recall it because you partied too hard. Your brain just wouldn't call your ID number up for you at that moment. I hope that when your new card comes, you'll have a number that's easy to remember.
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    Kirsten, please don't be so hard on yourself. I've also forgotten passwords and even my parents phone number before. When you have too much on your mind or you haven't gotten enough sleep or you're emotionally or physically run down, things like this can happen. I'm going through perimenopause and I've read that this can cause you to forget things. One more bad thing about growing old. Please try to relax and take care. (((HUGS)))
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    Don't kick yourself over this. I doubt anything is wrong with your brain Kirsten. Stress & worry can play tricks on your mind. I have forgotten
    my email password before but I had the luxury of being at home at the time were I could just look it up in a notebook. If I was in public, it would
    be at lot more embarrassing. Sometimes the more you try to remember something, the harder it becomes, but the minute you stop trying so hard,
    it will pop back into your mind. You are just human like everyone else.
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    Stress and fatigue can do strange things to our brain. Just look at this as a "pre-senior extended moment", or just a plain old brain fart! Happens to the best of us - young and old alike. I think that bank rep was pretty rude, even tho I'm sure it was an attempt to make light of your situation. It might not have been so bad if there hadn't been others customers around to hear her comments, but it was a pretty thoughtless thing to do when other folks were within earshot of her.
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    I think it was a stress-induced brain [email protected] I get those at work; I do a lot of weighing, measuring, etc. and sometimes half my notebook is crossed out, transposed digits.
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    Kirsten, I went to a supermarket about ten years ago, and as I stood there wanting to pay, I simply couldn't remember my pincode, either. Don't worry, it can happen to anyone.

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