is desperately trying to raise funds for Sophie.

Since Friday night, donations in the amount of $1,380 of the $2,080 needed for her life-saving surgery. Sweet Sophie has as abscess and a bacterial infection from the corn dog stick. (It has been removed and it's unclear as to whether it's the cause of the problem).

Her family has already spent $2,800 for treatment and are tapped out. Obviously, Sophie is a loved by her family and if funds can be raised by tomorrow or Tuesday, she can look forward to many more happy years with her family.

Her family has posted a photo of her with the kids. It's upside-down and I can't figure out how to rotate it.

One of the volunteers has issued a matching challenge. Elwen will match the next $100 that comes in. Here's a chance to turn your $1 into $2. No amount it too small.

You can follow Sophie's progress at the link above. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate -- or willing to pass on tomorrow's latte, please follow the instructions in the first post of Sophie's thread:
If you can help Sophie please make a donation - visit and mark your gift "Sophie Nunn", or our Paypal address is [email protected]. Please be sure to let us know who your gift is for.
Please crosspost! Let's get this baby well and back with her loving family. If you have any suggestions for the family on other ways to raise funds or have some experience with this sort of thing, or just want to wish her family well, please post them in Sophie's thread on IMOM.