To the family of Pye~ Thank you for sharing your cherished memories of beautiful Pyewacket with us, giving us the opportunity to not only honor her, but pay tribute to the very special place she held, and still holds, in your hearts. I'm in tears, looking at her incredibly beautiful face, those sparkling blue eyes so full of life, knowing she was taken from you, and from her beloved Pitte pal Max, long before her time. That was one amazing bond of love and trust they shared! But we are forever grateful to you, especially to dear Caitlin, for rescuing Pye, for nursing her back to health and giving her the happiest year of life any kitty could ever hope for. She was so blessed to have found her way to you, and how lucky you were, to have known her love and companionship. I can only imagine the grief you are feeling having lost her so tragically, and how much you miss her. But please, take comfort in knowing that she left this earth for the Rainbow Bridge having been loved unconditionally, completely, a family member who was cherished and will never be forgotten; living in your hearts forever, those blue eyes always sparkling . Bless you beautiful Pyewacket, our very special and most deserving, Sunday Cat of the Day. Rest easy now at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Pye, and until that happy day you and your family are together again, continue to watch over your Mom and Dad and Caitlin, and Max, and send them your love...they miss you so very much