My sweet Elan went to the Bridge yesterday. He saw the vet and it was determined that he had cancer and was in renal failure. He was deaf, partially blind and only weighed 4 lbs. His yowling told me he was in pain. He was almost 20 years old. It was then that I had to make the ultimate decision to help him to the Bridge. He went very peacefully in my arms.

While you were only with me for 6 months, I gave you the best 6 months I could. You didn't want for anything. The house is so quiet without you. I miss you waking me up at 5 a.m. to eat and sitting on the futon with your paws wrapped around my hand while you slept.

Play hard at the Bridge my beautiful old man. You knew love for such a short time and brought me such joy and pleasure. I will never forget you.