I sorely miss this place. I check in from time to time but am usually too tired to reply to any threads.

Work has been great. They are building a new store for us and I'm losing my mind with inventory (HOW can it be soooo very wrong?!?) and trying to keep the panic out of my coworkers (they are all convinced they'll be fired and the owner will open a new store with a new staff.) I found a possible new sales associate last week. I found her dog, and then found her. She's looking for a job and has the experience we're looking for. It'd be pretty darn cool for my first hire to come about because of an animal!

I've also been trying to reinvent my look. I decided that since we're moving to a shiny new store, I need to tweek my professional look. I've been buying a ton of skirts and dresses. I wear a dress/skirt about twice a week now, and I plan on making it three days a week in July, 4 days in August, etc. -- I figure by the time the new store opens, it'll feel normal and not like I'm playing dress-up. My feet just aren't loving the dressier shoes, especially the heels. Why don't sensible shoes look the same with dresses?

I'm loving having two new grandbabies. They both are growing like little weeds. Logan (almost 7 months) is trying to make his little legs propel him forward. He's so darned cute just rocking back and forth. He's got the motor, just no forward motion! Allie (4 months) has figured out how to scootch across the room on her tummy. No legs involved. Cameron is a smart, silly, and loving boy who turned 7 this week (SEVEN?!?!) Seri is a sweet kid who I'm still getting to know. My daughter is learning a LOT about how much she misunderstood about me and what I had to put up with as a stepmom.

The stinky thing is that my Seasonal Depression is kicking in big-time this summer. Way earlier than usual, but its kicking my butt already. I'm binge eating something fierce due to emotions, which creates a mean spiral affect: gain 5 pounds and kick myself. Eat because I'm frustrated. Gain 5 more pounds. Sigh. I still look good, and feel good. I just know I can't keep doing this myself.

Furry critters are all doing well. I would love to foster (I have serious kitten envy right now) but I know it wouldn't be fair to my husband because he'd be the foster parent. I'm not home enough to care for them. He does all the feeding and litter scooping right now because I'm never home.

Oh, and my daughter got me involved with Candy Crush. Dang game has me under its spell. Anyone who wants to friend me and give me lives will be much loved!