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Thread: I can't find Zoe!...update #2...of course...

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    I can't find Zoe!...update #2...of course...

    I am almost in tears. I am posting here because I'm worried, but also because I hope that as soon as I post, she will appear from some weird hiding place.

    All three are indoor cats. No balcony time today as it's thundering out. She had breakfast this morning...I came back from my walk and had a shower, and then lunch, and went to a short computer appointment.

    I don't remember NOT seeing her when I came home...I got to work on some computers here...then it was dinner time. All three show up for that!

    No Zoe.

    I opened cupboards and closets, checked under the bed 3 times, I have looked everywhere.

    She is 12 1/2 and my biggest fear is that she had a heart attack or something and dropped dead. I even walked down the hallway outside my unit.

    I feel sick! Where on earth is she?

    PT Prayers PLEASE for my little girl!
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