My cat has an allergy to something. Her mouth gets irritated and inflamed. We've taken her to the vet and they just said it's an allergy to something and it might just always be there. Unless it gets infected or very large, we don't need to worry as it doesn't seem to bother her. They told us to feed her in stainless steel bowls and to clean them every night. Didn't help.

I think I've figured it out though. Sometimes she likes to eat her food off the floor. She'll use her paw to spill out a drop of food, and she'll eat it off the floor. She also likes to flick her water out of the bowl with her paws and make a mess on the floor as well. I don't think she licks the water off the floor though. Just likes to play in it.

I'm wondering if the fact she eats off the floor sometimes (not always) is causing these sores. I don't clean the floor every day under her food, but I'm thinking I need to start.

What would the best product be to clean with and kill any bacteria? I don't want any chemicals to give her a reaction either.

Would vinegar be something safe? Or maybe that would not smell good to her and she wouldn't eat?

(ETA: I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong place I think)