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Thread: Sad news for Tuxedo Stan COTD June 16, 2013 UPDATE #12

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    Sad news for Tuxedo Stan COTD June 16, 2013 UPDATE #12

    Jun 17, 2013 6:49am

    As I write this Tuxedo Stan is outdoors patrolling Catopia and munching on his mother's freshly planted ornamental grass.

    I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately his tumor has started growing again and his other kidney is now involved. Blood tests show that his kidney function is beginning to fail. His appetite has been dropping steadily for a number of days as well. Fortunately, his attitude is still good although he tires easily.

    Uber Stan Fan Kathie Beth Dreher from California sent Tuxedo Stan and his brother Earl a very special present for their birthday. Here is a short video clip to show you the benefits of medical grade catnip. You can see that Stan still enjoys the finer things in life. (Thanks Kathie!)

    We couldn't have gotten through this without the love and support of Stan Fans around the world. I will keep you posted on his condition as the days pass.
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