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Thread: Adorable Willa!

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    Adorable Willa!

    Hi Willa! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweet little one! Oh, what a precious little heart melter you are, cutie pie! I understand just what your Mommy means when she says it's impossible for a person NOT to fall in love with you! Who could resist that sweet little face? It took but one look in those big, brown eyes before I was hooked, and THEN I read on, learning just how engaging, entertaining, inquisitive, cuddly and loving you are! It's always sad when a companion animal needs to be re-homed. But thankfully your former family had the good sense to realize they could no longer give you the care and time you needed, and oh, didn't you hit the forever home jackpot when your animal loving "new" family welcomed you into their hearts! They might not have been Hedgehog savvy when they agreed to take you home, but I have a feeling you've now made them Hedgie fans for life! We can't thank them enough for taking a chance on you, giving one most deserving creature the certainty of a happy, carefree, love filled life! Great thanks to your dear Mommy for sharing your beautiful, simply precious little self with us all, your heart warming story with the world! No fair keeping you all to themselves! Thanks so much, sweetheart, for warming and brightening my cold and rainy, Cape Cod day! Hope you're enjoying your big day in the spotlight, celebrating with your Mom and Dad and all of your adoring friends and fans, including but not limited to...Shadow and Squeaky, Spooky and Max, and Iguana Rex!!! And tonight, I'm sure they'll be lots of cuddle time 'neath the covers with Mom and Dad, some TV watching and hopefully some juicy watermelon to cap off the days festivities! Lots of love, gentle cuddles and little kisses to you precious Willa, our very special and most deserving honoree!

    P.S...Forgive my run on paragraphing...Can't seem to skip lines!

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    Willa what an adorably sweet girl you are!!!

    I just had to smile when I saw your wonderful pictures!!! No wonder you have lots of people fall in love with you. Who could resist your sweet face? Not me!!! Please thank your family for sharing you with us. You are a rare treasure indeed!!! You seem to love your life and bring joy to everyone.

    Congratulations, sweet Willa, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Aww Willa, you're a cutie!!! It sounds like you're very friendly. Congrats on being POTD!
    I hope you're having a fun day with your friends!
    Forever in my heart...


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