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    HI Bonita, you are such a pretty girl! I"m glad you found a family that understands you and loves you very much. Happy DOTD!!!
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    Please....don't use choke collars!!!!

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    Hello Bonita, it's a pleasure to meet you. You certainly are a pretty girl and I like your colors. I am so glad you have a good loving home and hope you have many years with your family. I enjoyed all the photos. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Hi Bonita...You sure are a pretty girl and it sounds like you hit the doggy lottery in your new family! In regards to the collars your humans use, prong collars are very controversial and all of us who love and understand dogs want them to be trained using techniques other than those that cause pain. I LOVE the pictures of you wearing a cloth collar and a harness Here is some info. on prong collars for your human:

    That being said, it is obvious that you are very loved and that your are evolving into the happy, confident dog that you deserve to be. Congratulations on being our dog of the day!!!! Your human did a great job of presenting you

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    Bonita, what a beauty you are, it looks like you have a wonderful
    new life with a family who truly loves you and will help you adjust.
    It takes a little time but you will get there. Congratulations Bonita
    for being our very best DOG OF THE DAY.

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    Thanks everyone , I only used the collar once. It was recommended by a friend so I test ran it and did not like it at all. It obvioulsly made no diffrence once it was off. So I decided to use it to take some pics, you can't see her cloth collar being used in, these photos but the choke chain was not in use, {dangling part where the leash clips off}. But I got many shots that show it. I love taking pictures of her. Actually I don't even know where the choke collar went after this. I use a harness instead. Way more comfortable for her and me.

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    Brave, beautiful Bonita!

    This is my pup Bonita, a Lab/Husky and other breeds mix. She just turned a year old in March. She had a rough start as in life as a pup, being left outside 24/7 with little to no human contact and coming from nervous/aggressive parents. We fell in love with her unique markings. She was a scared little pup. It took her about three months for her to fully adjust to us. She was terrified of cars, people, and other dogs. With some work she learned to love dogs and ignore cars. She is currently woking with her people skills, and has improved by a lot. She is accepting treats now but still won't allow herself to be petted by others that aren't her family members.

    She is a hyper girl who loves to play fetch, soccer, run, go to the dog park, and enjoys daily walks. She is very protective of her home and family. My efforts in improving her self esteem has helped me as well. Because of Bonita my self esteem has improved a lot more, too. I am very grateful to have her in my life.
    Oh, beautiful Bonita! I'm sorry that your life got off to such a difficult start. I am very glad you now have a wonderful home and family! Look at all you have learned -- running, going for a walk, playing, and visiting the dog park. You are getting used to being around other dogs, and meeting people outside of your family. Three cheers for your caring family for helping you develop into a wonderful family member! You are young and I'm sure you have more to learn, but you'll do great with the help of your loving people. Maybe they will give you some extra petting or a hug for me today, or some extra playing time. Please come back and let us know how you are doing, beautiful girl! I wish you a long, happy life full of love and fun!
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