I have 3 cats, Cookie (the oldest), Baby Kitty(middle), and Ktten(youngest) and dont hang me out to dry on the names, not my idea.
But anyway, we recently we had to give away Kitten. Cookie and Kitten were the best of pals, but she urinated all over the house, and we tried everything, but we gave her to a humane society. But lately Cookie who has been acting agressivly, moping around, and he is what they call a "mute cat" his meows are kind of empty and dont have sound. But he has been really loud latley and not acting like him.
I've done alot of research, and these are tell-tale signs of "cat depression" I want to know if getting another cat would help the situation or what I can do to help, if someone can respond soon that would really help!
Kitten is now up for adoption.