Such a sad morning. No big smushy face in mine and that big tail hitting the wall to wake me up. For the first time in a long while I actually stayed in bed until I woke up. Thought I'd be happy when I could do that, but I'd do anything to have him wake me up again.

He left this world around 6pm last night. Our vet came out and gave him a sedative, then when he was sleeping she gave him the shot and I heard his last breath and knew he was in a better place and out of pain.
I asked her before if she felt we were doing the right thing. She said if he was in that much pain when he fell, we most definitely were. It helped to hear that. It was amazing how calm Bon was when everyone came. He actually laid at the feet of the guy from the mortuary when we were doing the paperwork. I guess he felt better when he said he was going to take good care of him

When the guy from the mortuary came back, it was all handled very professionally. He was put on the stretcher and into a body bag, then another cloth like bag. I was glad to be able to be able to be part of it. He deserved only the best.

Roxey didn't want to go outside, she stayed in the kitchen and we put Simba in his kennel...neither of them made a peep. I feel Roxey knew what was happening. She even walked past him after his was gone, but didn't offer to stop. Earlier in the day one of my friends came by and Roxey looked at Bon lovingly, sniffed him and gave him a kiss. It was so sweet. I think she said goodbye then.

I'm going to miss that big pain in the ass so much! He had so much unconditional love to give and never let a day go by that he didn't tell you...many times

Thank you all so much for the out pouring of love, prayers and thoughts. It means more to us than you all know. We're lucky to have such great friends.

Sweet boy I hope your happy and making new friends. Your best friend Tory will be there and you two can play like you did when you were pups. Only this time I don't think you'll let her boss you around
We were so lucky to have you in our lives. Run free

Even on his last day he looked so regal.