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Thread: Well that's a pleasant surprise!

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    Well that's a pleasant surprise!

    Last year I planted 2 peach trees. They're young trees, and I didn't expect anything from them for a couple of years at least. I was walking out in the yard this morning with someone, and I found peaches starting on both trees! It's only a few, but I'm taking it as evidence that they like where they are. The pear tree that has been there for a few years is fruiting as well. Now if I could just get the apple trees to show similar results....
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    Oh, cool! That'll be fun to see how they progress!
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    Well done! That's great!
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    Yum! Does this mean Thursdays will have bellinis soon?!

    Seriously -- yum! Fresh peaches and pears from the yard! That sounds wonderful!
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    I ate the first apricot of the season off my tree last night, have to get them before the squirrels do!
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