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Thread: do not know what to do x

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    do not know what to do x

    hi my cat mickey was only 7 when he passed as he had heart disease with an eberlizem sorry can't spell that word, and we decided to have him put down which was very upsetting as he was so much loved and so much part of our family. when we had him when he was a kitten we also had his sister come with us and greatful too as she was the runt of the litter and wanting to give her a chance we took her too. it was lovely to see that they both got on so well even sleeping together they were inseparable. since he passed a week ago my other cat his sister is consent flowing me around meowing at me and wanting lots and lots of fuss more than usual if i don't give her fuss she has a sulk and goes out side back to the house and after a while she come back asking for more fuss what shall i do shall i get a another cat/kitten or shall i help her ride it out i love her and her bother who has passed but i feel shes getting lonely sad even and don't like her like this as she means alot to me but i dont want to come to a point i get a kitten/cat and she becomes distant, to help she has had a litter when she got out when she was younger shes done now and i think she may resent me x please help x

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    She is mourning, just as people mourn. You could try adding a new cat (younger and male might work best), but right now, give her some time and attention.

    How long has it been?
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