CONTACT: [email protected] thebeachcomber (AT) Hotmail (dot) com
(Contact is not the owner of the cat).

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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA: Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty
Due to health reasons of owner, he needs a new home.

NAME: Luke Skywobbler - 8 Years old
Needs Home or Rescue!!!!!
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The CH kitty in question is a sweet lovebug named Luke Skywobbler. His CH is pretty mild. He can use the enclosed litter box, he can climb the stairs by leaning against the wall, he can actually understand that sticking his paw in an icebox will cool him off. He doesn't seizure, either. Really, he's just super-wobbly: his head bobs all over the place, and he falls down at random times.

Contact is not the owner of the cat.
Contact: [email protected] thebeachcomber (AT) Hotmail (dot) com , if you can help please.