Good morning, Hops and Dusty! Hops, what a handsome white bunny you are -- I love the spot of grey on your nose, and your person's sweet explanation of how it got there! And you play an adorable game of hide-and-seek with Dusty ("You can't see me, human!") ! You are a busy guy, too -- playing with the toys you like to pick up and toss, running and exploring! Then when plan time ends, you stretch out and have a rest.

Hops, you are a precious bunny! I bet there are lots of smiles around your house and I can tell how much love you and Dusty share with your caring person! could you please have your person give both of you some gentle petting for me -- your coats look so soft to pet, and I love your straight bunny ears! Your light grey ears look wonderful with your white coat, and Dusty's ears are a bit darker than her fur. Happy Bunny Pet of the Day, Hops and Dusty!