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Thread: Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge

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    Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge

    I headed out to Edwin B. Forsythe NWR in south Jersey the other day and thought you guys would enjoy a few pictures. This place is glorious for birders, I cannot believe how much I saw. Nothing too exotic, but I did enjoy seeing my favorite birds, Ospreys! Nothing quite like them Click to make them bigger!
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    Here's an American Oystercatcher just sitting on her eggs, really neat looking birds they are!
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    A Diamondback Terrapin!
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    Red-winged blackbirds, these guys are all over the place but they're quite cute.
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    My favorites, the Osprey See the little fuzzy chick! They were feeding him a fish.
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    Iridescent Ibis, can now cross that off my birding list!


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    Here's the cuties reaction to me getting out of the car
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    Egrets tend to be all over the place this time of year, but I love watching them actually hunt.
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    Curious Gull!
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    And a cute little Barn Swallow! I love Tree Swallows, but didn't see many of them, but they are great looking little birds with beautiful plumage.
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    This is the view of Atlantic City, that boring "adult" place with all the Casinos

    The neat thing about Forsythe is that they have an 8-mile road out into the salt marshes where you can literally run into ANYTHING that's out there. You're not allowed off the road of course but I was maybe 4 feet from that terrapin! Very cool area to explore, and photo creds go to my friend Devin, mostly - they are from his Camera but I did take a few

    Recently at work I have found a Belted Kingfisher hole very close to the Nature Center and I saw him out while I was giving a tour yesterday so I couldn't get very close - but I will be stalking him for sure. I don't know if you guys knew I was this much of a bird nerd, but now I am "out" I guess, so to speak.

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    Cool, how fun! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, too! Love them all!
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    Wow! These are such neat pictures of all the creatures you saw!
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    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
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    What beautiful birds!... and I LOOOOOOOVE the turtle!

    What a wonderful place that refuge is. Thank you for the photos!

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    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! I like the Diamondback Terrapin!
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    Enjoyed the pictures---thanks for sharing. Some of those we never see around here.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

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