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    Oh Siouxsie, I am so very sorry about your Cancer. you were a beautiful girl both inside and out, and I'm glad your family found you and took you from that shelter that day. RIP sweet girl. I'm sure you are watching over your family that misses you so very much. xoxoxo
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    You were a beautiful girl Siouxie! It's easy to see you were very much loved. I hope your family is happy to see you honored as our DOTD!
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    Oh Siouxsie, what a beautiful girl you were and so kind and loving. I'm so glad you
    found your loving family and spent your last days with them, they loved you so much.
    Congratulations for being our very best "Dog of the Day"

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    Beautiful Siouxsie~

    What a beautiful Husky girl you were, Siouxsie, and how blessed your human was to have had the privilege of sharing such a big part of her/his life with you.. And while your time on this earth may have ended, your spirit will forever live on in the hearts of all who knew and loved you. Your story was especially moving for me as I too had the honor of sharing 12 years of my life with a blue eyed rescued Husky who chose me, and who also came with "a note." But just like you, she proved "them" wrong, growing to love and befriend all of her fellow furry siblings, along with her humans. And so, I smiled when I read of your love for salmon and tropical fruits, your diva attitude, your "great escape" attempts! All Husky, that you were, not only in your beauty, body and soul, not only in your love for all things living, but in your indomitable spirit. To the very end you faced your health challenges with courage and strength and a smile, and when it came time for you to leave for the Rainbow Bridge, you did so with grace and dignity, with a heart full of love, surrounded by new friends and the family who loved you so dearly, who loves you still and forever will. And I'll just bet all of our beloved fur angels at the Rainbow Bridge were envious when they saw that pretty blue kiss on your cheek (the color of your eyes), thinking "now that is one much loved Husky girl!" Rest easy now sweetheart, until that happy day when you and your family are reunited, and continue to send down your love to them...they miss you so very much. To the family of Siouxsie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girl with us, so many beautiful photos. It has only been weeks since you lost her and I know how much you and your family, and Boomerang, are grieving for her. But I hope that seeing Siouxsie being crowned our extra special, most deserving Sunday Dog of the Day, Dog of a Lifetime, brings you a bit of comfort. She truly was a treasure, one in a million.

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    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Siouxsie today. I am so happy to know that she spent 8 wonderful years
    sharing her life with you. She was a gift & a blessing and a very deserving DOG OF THE DAY.
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    What a beautiful spirit...was she named after the goth singer Siouxsie? In any case, she had a wonderful life.
    What a beuatiful dog...


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