Hi dear PT friends,
I have exciting news to share: 2 weeks ago I took Nina to the v-e-t to get the girls’ surgery and they couldn’t perform it because she has little angels on her belly! They told me she had one-one and a half months SO one of these days we’ll welcome home some cute little fuzzy balls

Bad news is that Nina and Sophie are not getting along AT ALL, whenever Sophie sees Nina, she starts hissing and yelling and trying to attack her so Nina stays on the garage and Sophie on the bedrooms; I close the door of the rooms’ area so I can play with Nina and spend time with her and take her back to the garage (aka her big apartment ) to play with Sophie. I don’t know what will happen when the babies arrive.

For now I’m trying to take good care of Nina and her belly, thank God I rescued her on time! (she was going to be PTS) and her belly is getting so big!

This is my first time taking care of a momma cat, so all the advice you can give me will be appreciated, also please send good thoughts and prayers for her.

Thanks and love to you all

Look how gorgeous she is!
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And here she is showing off her beautiful belly..
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