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Thread: An update on Sterling

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    An update on Sterling

    Sterling's nasty looking tumor has been bleeding/draining lately. Since that means a mess around the house we have been trying to keep it covered. Not an easy task due to its location high on his shoulder. A bandage alone would need to wrap around his whole torso, and criss cross underneath to stay on. Would not stay on.

    Then we tried using less bandaging and covered it with a doll t-shirt. (see photo. the red you see is the color of the vet wrap bandage). This only worked for a day or so. He licked at it until it was soaked through and the bandaging underneathe moved off the sore.

    Now we have beed using a diaper in an unconventional way. Cut leg holes in the thick part of the diaper, wrap in up and around his shoulders over his back and fasten with duct tape (silver in the photo below). Wokrs OK, but he kicks at it until it shreds.

    He is getting thinner, even though he does eat. You can tell his "condition" is less than average. He seems to be isolating himself....he used to always lay in a pile of other cats on our bed, sofa or recliner, now you find him alone in one of the cardboard boxes we leave around for the cats, up on the highest cabinet or buried behind where we hang our coats.

    So, while he seems too "healthy" to euthanize, he is far from feeling well enought to be the Sterling I used to know.
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