All was well except he has ballooned to almost 20 lbs in spite of having mostly weight loss food in his diet!

My vet attributed this to his arthritis. He and Oscar both have it in their hips. Oscar was caught in time - the fish oil added to his food really helped and his weight is fine. With Cole, however, the pain makes him less active, so he gains even more.

He is on wet food - the Hypoallergenic food - for now (no dry) and has 2. ml of Metacam per day. I have a free sample dose and we'll see how he does on that. He had to have his back end shaved. My vet thought he even might start grooming himself when he realizes there is no pain involved. And hopefully he will get more lively.

The Metacam may be long term, but at a much lower dose. As for the kidney and liver concerns, Cole had major bloodwork for a dental last year and it was all excellent. I was told that if he develops any kidney or liver issues, Metacam will make it worse.

Sure glad my boy will feel better!