Hi Bacon! Happy Pet of the Day! What a stunning Dragon you are, Bacon! Your coloring is gorgeous, and while I think you're trying your best to give us your "fierce face" in that first photo, you're not fooling us! I'm so glad your sat still long enough for your human to take those shots...they're amazing! And happy to hear no claws were injured in the photo shoot! What a beautiful, sweet and gentle, curious, most unique best friend your person has in you, Bacon! You're truly special, and so very deserving of being crowned our most deserving Pet of the Day! Hope you're enjoy your big day in the spotlight, Bacon, being pampered to pieces and loved to the max! Lots of love to you, beautiful Bacon! Long and happy life to you! (Just wondering what your human was "thinking of" when he/she named her/his other animal companions!)