Hello, my name is Jason, I posted a concern two months ago concerning my dog Andy. At the time his breathing had been raspy. The Vet I had taken Andy to since he was a puppy suggested a full array of bloodwork. I had a second opinion that suggested the same. The tests came back with no results. I then had an X ray done which showed a slightly enlarged heart that may be restricting his breathing, although a specialist would need to perform an ultrasound for a three dimensional view. At this point I am more confused than informed. Yesterday I woke up to Andy whimpering fron my bathroom, completely paralyzed. I took him to a third Vet that gave me a referral to a Neurologist and a suggestion of euthanization. Before I left they injected about a quart of IV fluid into him. I have been camped out next to him since. Through searching the internet, in desperation I came across laryngeal paralysis and an operation that could address it. I have an appointment tomorrow with another Vet that is familiar with the condition. I've done about three hours of reading and this comes close. He barks due to restricted breathing, his breathing has been raspy when any activity takes place. This condition is most common in older male Labs. I am to the point of pleading if anyone has any insight. I am almost sorry for the picture, I am very worried. Thank you.Name:  CAM00216.jpg
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