I know we're not around much, but for those of you who do know us I wanted to let you know our Bon boy has Osteosarcoma- bone cancer
It's in his rear right leg. He had been limping for a while and we thought he had sprained it or had torn his ACL like Huney and Roxey. So we were giving him Dasuquin in hope that he'd have a quick recovery. Monday night I noticed it was swolen and knew something else was wrong.
The vet said we could get a second opion, but the proof is right there in the xrays. It's a large mass, a tumor. She also said we could do a biopsy, but again there's really not any need. She also told us that most pets that present with clinical signs already have some level of metastasis to the lungs. So the goal is to relieve pain and give him a quality of life. Even with the best of treatment the long prognos is is poor.
In most smaller dogs amputation of the limb to reduce the spread of cancer would be suggested, but with Bon's size it's not possible. So therefore having radiation or chemotherapy wouldn't really do any good. She said more than likely his leg will break within 2 weeks. Survival time without any treatment is normally not more than 2 months. I really doubt we have that much time. So right now we just try to control the pain until it gets too bad.
He's having a rough day today. I assume it's because having the x-rays yesterday was rough of him. He just can't seem to get comfortable.
Please keep our big boy and us in your thoughts as we go through these difficult days that lie ahead of us.
He was such a good boy while we waited.

The bone should be straight.

It's the dark mass on the bottom bone.

He rode all the way home with his head and legs in my lap. He was so tired he didn't even try to get out.