MAGIC was COTD June 3, 2007- and passed away exactly 6 years later, 6/3/2013. He developed a large mass in his abdomen (lymphoma?)- no one detected it for a long time, he was eating and drinking normally til last Friday, my former NJ roommate reported- then he stopped eating, vomited some, and although just as sweet and affectionate as ever, he wasn't right.... he's had bad heart probs for a year, but as I say, he's been happy and functional til now. But yesterday he had to be put to sleep.

He was a totally feral blakc cat in the neighborhood when we first knew him- he befriended us and we finally gave up and caught him and took him in. He had a dozen years of the best life ever and he returned every bit of that kindness a thousandfold with his love and affection. Gonna miss him- a lot. He could've been a poster-cat for adopting former ferals- he was so happy and so loved! DEEPEST condolences to my former roommate Pat...... RIP sweet Magic- see you again one day.