Hi fellow kitties,
Now that it's getting on to summer in a matter of days, it's time for us to make plans to get a few baseball games on our itinerary. In fact, the All Star game is right around the calendar corner. Pinot, Cassie, and I have been talking about it and several of you said you want to go in another post. Maybe it would be best to post the details here to avoid confusion.

This year's game will be at Citi Field in New York. We already have a prime skybox right near all the food stands. Along with that, the Haggis In A Hurry Shoppe will be catering for us. Along with a fountain of cool water we're going to have a tuna juice fountain too!

Get your sunglasses ready and make sure your caps and favorite team jerseys are clean and still fit. Also, if you happen to have an extra baseball glove please bring it to share with our fellow kitties that don't have one.

There's a big surprise in store for our baseball champ Frankie. I can't give it away but, believe me, it's something he'll never forget.

Even if you've responded to the other post, please check in here. We need to know how many tickets to get and make sure supplies are adequate. I'll check with Soncat about the date of the game and other details.

Check in if you'll be coming - we have plans to make!

Your friend,