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Thread: Kia and Chipper - Annual Checkup

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    Kia and Chipper - Annual Checkup

    Overall the vet visit went well. Both dogs are in good health and tested heartworm negative.

    Kia, as I suspected, is starting to go deaf. I've already been working with her on hand signals which she's responded well too. The "joys" of old age. She's otherwise in quite good shape for her age.

    Chipper had some suspicious looking bites on his head and ear, so Dr. Joyce shaved his head for a better look. She feared tick bites, but seeing as he's showing no symptoms of Lyme Disease, she decided against a blood test. They could be just deerfly bites. He does, however, have an ear infection, which I have medicine for, and he goes back in 10 days.
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    Aww, glad they both checked out pretty well. One thing the vets on the radio show mentioned that I did not know was that it take several hours for a tick to be able to infect the host with anything - I think it was 6 hours. So doing a quick hands-on rundown ever time one's dogs come it is a great idea, kill those ticks before they can infect any doggie and things like Lyme, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be avoided!
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