I know I have been catastrophically slow in properly introducing Ruby and Lulu. They have not quite been with us a year, but itís not terribly far off it.

We took my Mum to the open day at a local shelter at the end of August last year because she thought she might like another cat. She didnít get one, but we ended up with two. Ruby and Lulu are sisters and were together in the cage. At the time we saw them, Lulu was being forcibly washed by Ruby Ė it drew quite a crowd. They were 10 months old and had come from a house where things had got out of control. The owners quickly found themselves with 13 cats and rising. Ruby and Lulu were six months when the shelter took all the cats and Ruby was found to be already pregnant. She had two little kittens, which had since been adopted, and the shelter was looking to home Ruby and Lulu together because they were so bonded. So instead of getting one little friend for Oscar, we got two.

They were 2.6 and 2.7 kilos when we adopted them and they are now just over 3, so they are not very big cats although Lulu looks a lot bigger with all that fluff.

However, I know you want to see some pictures ...

Ruby a few days after coming come, when they were both still imprisoned in a bedroom

Taken on Saturday

Lulu is a medium-haired kitty with an amazing tail

She loves sinks

and I get more photos of her than Ruby because she stays still for longer