Many of you know that I lost my precious Koko the Siamese kitty on 5/10; he was 18 yrs, 1 mth old. I decided that my current rescued kitty Nugget (very petite Tortie) needed a younger friend for when I am at work, so over the weekend I adopted a 2-3 yr old orange tabby, Murphy, who is much bigger than she is, and a lot more "cat friendly". I would like to know the best way to get them together. I took Murphy out of his bedroom yesterday to explore the house a bit. He and Nugget bumped noses a couple of times, then Nugget hissed a lot at him, so back in his bedroom he went. I am purchasing a baby gate on Ebay to put in the bedroom doorway so that they will be able to see each other but not get to each other. He is a really friendly cat, she, not so much. When they were together, he ignored her, but she was agitated. Help!