Guten Morgen, Shila in Bavaria! You remind me very much of Luna and Lily! They are two Pet Talk kitties who live with their meowmie Kirsten in Niedersachsen; and they are also beautiful tabby ladies! You are very lovely with your wonderful brown coat and tabby markings! I like your pretty eyes - in the first picture they look golden, but in the others they look more green. It looks like you enjoyed an outdoor adventure for some of your pictures, and then for others you were back inside. I agree with your person - you are very lovely! I like your tummy photo- do you like to have your tummy petted? If you do, here is one from me: *petpetpet*

Shila, I hope you will have a very special day as the Cat of the Day! I enjoyed meeting you very much today! Please have your person give you a big hug from me -- happy Cat of the Day to you, lovely Shila!