Thanks again everyone. Both of them are sweethearts and they're all over me purring away every time I go into the cat room. I couldn't have asked for two sweeter cats. I really don't know what their foster mom's secret is but every cat that I've adopted from her is such a sweet heart. My co-worker and her daughter also adopted 2 cats from her and they're also very sweet.

I received their medical records today by e-mail and I learned some very interesting news. Bentley is Radar's brother!!! His foster mom forgot to mention this to me. I knew that he had 2 tuxedo brothers that got adopted together as young kittens so I thought that they were his only brothers. So Bentley's birthday is on March 27, 2012 just like Radar's. Levi is actually older than I thought he was. His birthday is on June 28, 2012 so we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday soon.

I really do think that my Storm sent Levi to me and some how Radar's brother was also meant to be in my home. I feel very blessed and lucky right now.