She accidentally escaped Friday night and was gone for about an hour before we noticed. We searched the bushes around the block immediately but didn't find her. Since then I've been doing searches every evening and morning, sometimes as early as 4:30am when things are quiet. We live in the city so I've been looking in all bushes around buildings, under cars, in corners, under porches... etc. At that early in the morning I can also search some of the more private backyards of other houses without being detected. I've looked within a 2 block radius so far. But I heard that it is unlikely for cats to travel far from where they escaped from so I've been concentrating more nearby.

She's a very curious cat and has always tried to get outside. She's escaped before from our old house, but in that situation she had a door to run home to. Now that we live on a second floor apartment there is no doorway for her to find again.

There are raccoons in the area, I've found at least one every time I do a large search. I'm worried she might have run away far to avoid the nearby raccoons.

We also put her cat litter on the balcony and sprinkled some around the bushes underneath in hopes that she will find the place again through her own scent if she is lost and disorientated.

We have had no luck, its been about two days now. Is there anything else we can do?