This is Pepper, he is our very soft, very fluffy ragdoll cat. My cat love to be with the family and travels with us, too! <3 Many people think only dogs like car trips, but Pepper does! He is a sweetheart, he loves to cuddle, and loves to be around the family at all times. He can sit and beg for treats, that's his only real trick he knows. He hates to be alone, and want to join us wherever we are, and in whatever we are doing. Maybe that is why he likes traveling with us so much - as long as he is with us, he is happy! We love him!
Good morning, Pepper! What a beautiful boy you are, with your blue eyes, your orange nose, your ear tufts and your wonderful, soft, very fluffy coat! How neat that you travel with your people -- I bet you bring smiles to the people you meet on your car trips! I would love to have a cuddle with you, or serve you a treat, or help you play with your favorite toys. You are gorgeous! Happy Cat of the Day to you, Pepper in Norway!