It's no wonder that Seneca Lee stuck with you and slept on your bed every night. She felt the love that exuded from you to her. I felt it even as I read your story of this wonderful pup. I commend you and say God bless you for coming home from college to be with Seneca Lee as she embarked on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. That was so very meaningful for her. I have not read a more moving story in quite a long time...this one got to me. Maybe that's partly because I've sent several "loves of my life" to the Rainbow Bridge and maybe it partly because I currently have a two year old Boxer-Pitt mix with the same basic coloration a Seneca Lee. He also exhibits many of the same traits that you assign to your loving pup. He loves everyone and almost everything. He is the most gentlemanly dog I have ever seen. He treats his sisters like real ladies and defers to them in everything. Even the postman that delivers our mail stops once in a while to play with him and his two older sisters that are of vastly different lineage. I am certain that you are a fine young man. Just remember, Seneca Lee will live in your heart forever. I am glad that you took the opportunity to pay tribute to her in this forum. Some day, perhaps after college, when you're established in your career, the greatest tribute that you could then pay to the lovely Seneca Lee would be to give another pup the same kind of life and love and you gave to her. There's plenty of room in your heart for the love of another pup without displacing Seneca Lee. The heart's capacity for love is infinite. Me and mine wish you all the best in your life.