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Thread: Rio the Rough Collie

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    Rio - Rough collie dog of the day

    Thanks for making Rio Dog of the day! Isn't it amazing how your dog becomes a member of your family? Much love to your dog of the day!
    Rio's mom - VA Mountains

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    Rio the Rough Collie

    Hello Rio, it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful handsome dog as you. I really like that first photo of you and the little girl, the porch, the flag, the flowers; it's so homey and inviting. I enjoyed reading about you and seeing all the photos; you're so photogenic. I'm sure you will turn out to be a great therapy dog and will bring smiles to the faces of many in nursing homes etc. I hope you have many years with your family. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Ravising Rio!

    Hi Rio!!! Happy Dog of the Day to you, and hi to your mommy, too! So nice to hear from her today! I'll just bet she was so proud to see her beautiful boy being honored here today (if she could be any more proud)), and how very deserving you are, Rio!

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your mommy's beautifully penned bio., her heartfelt and informative tribute to her amazing Rio! Collies, especially the more famililar "rough coated Collie," are among the most beloved and cherished breeds of all time, in part due to "Lassie," and now thanks to you!!! How well you are carrying on her (well, his, hehe) legacy of intelligence, devotion, loyalty and stunning good looks! Your list of accomplishments is already most impressive (I see you are working on hand signals), and I just know you're going to sail through your CGC test, and shine as a Certified Therapy Dog! As your mom says, learning what not to do is the highest hurdle to clear when going for your therapy title, but you can do it, I have no doubt! And once you've earned your degree, what joy you'll be bringing to those in need of a smile, a bit of comfort, some unconditional love! But all that aside, you've already won the hearts of your family, and how very blessed they are to have a beautiful and loving best friend in you, Rio! You're amazing!

    Great thanks to your mom for sharing your very special story and so many lovely photos with us all! (That shot of you with your young lady is priceless) I hope you and your entire family are enjoying a very special Dog of the Day, with many, many more years of shared loved and companionship yet to come!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Rio!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Oh, my gosh . . . Rio, you look like my sable collie Paquita that I grew up with! My Mother used to raise collies and I have a picture of me as a baby in the bathtub with puppy Paquita's paws over the edge of the tub, wanting to join me. Yes, your breed is very loyal and loving, as I can certainly attest to those attributes. My Paquita put up with much from me, and never stopped loving me. When I was in grammar school and she was quite old, she chose to die behind the dining room table chair where I always sat, and my Mom told me it was her tribute to me. I'd like to think it was her way of forgiving me for all the things she endured at my childish whims. I am an old person now and my Mother is long deceased but I will always remember my first dog who was the wonderful collie, Paquita! Thank you for bringing back fond memories, Rio, and I wish you a fun DOTD celebration and a splendid career offering comfort to those in need. Blessings and longevity to you and yours!

    Avatar courtesy of Kimlovescats . . . many thanks!
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    Hello Rio,

    What a gorgeous pup you are Rio. Handsome, sweet & very intelligent, what more could anyone ask for.
    I see why your family is so proud of you sweetie and you certainly make a wonderful DOG OF THE DAY.
    I hope you reach all of your goals in training & share your sweet self with folks who need a little cheering up.
    Congratulations on being chosen for honors as todays very special DOTD. Hugs & kisses to you sweet boy.
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    Ok, you made me laugh out loud for several minutes...rescue Timmy from the well! That is great! Laughter aside what a gorgeous boy and all those people in hospitals and the senior centers are going to love him.

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    Oh My Rio.......What a beauty you are. I would love to have a collie that looks just like you. You are so handsome.
    i bet you are a smart boy to. Congratulations on DOTD. We got to see you and to read nice things about you.

    Linda in SC

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    Rio went to Lowe's today.

    Rio had a wonderful day celebrating DOTD. A trip to Lowes and a lot of adoration by all sorts of children just cannot be beat. He was like the Pied Piper thru the store.
    Thank you for the all kind words about this sweet dog. My granddaughter has enjoyed the DOTD fun also.
    VA Mountains

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    You're just gorgeous Rio!!! Congrats on being DOTD!!!
    Forever in my heart...

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    RIO!!! OH MY GOODNESS, I almost missed your photo and story. Look at your handsome self, what a dear boy you are.

    My first dog, when I was age 5, was a rough coat collie with the sable tri color markings as you have. Being age 5 in the early 1960's, I of course named my girl "Lassie." I drove my folks crazy for 2 years asking for a "Lassie dog," until they finally found one. She was a wonderful girl.

    I see you are doing obedience training and will enter classes for CGC. GOOD FOR YOU and your humans! You will be fine with all this, I am SO SURE of it, Rio! And you will make a terrific pet therapy dog. I did therapy with one of my cats, we went to a nursing home for 2 years. My cat Sparkle loved it, she adores being petted and told she is pretty.

    Enjoy your day and the weekend, Rio, you are such a handsome pup I am melting inside looking at you. When I read about you in the yard with your ball on a rope, "tail wagging," oh my yes, I remember my Lassie's tail always happy, always up and wagging. Best wishes to you!


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