I wish he was mine, I do not have the time (thank you college and parents saying no) nor monetary resources to own a turtle but when I do...I will! I got a job about 3 months ago at the local nature center five minutes from my house and obviously I absolutely love it. It's in my field and it's extremely close, I get a lot of hours and I work with great people. We have quite the reptile collection due to...well being an educational center! We teach school groups and kids about regional wildlife and bring them around to do programs. Aside from getting nipped by a painted turtle who probably thinks he's a snapper, I've never had any problems with any of the animals. I've never feared reptiles before in my life so I knew this job would be perfect. I like the snakes of course, but the Eastern Box turtle has stolen my heart I absolutely love him.

He's a male, we don't name them, so he doesn't have a name but I am tempted to! The kids usually LOVE him, and he LOVES getting blueberries after a hard days work The snake is a corn snake we have. She's a lively one! I guess for now, I can't have any reptiles, but these guys can certainly count. We have King Snakes, Wood Turtles, Spotted Turtles, Painted Turtles, one small snapper (he isn't used in programs!), and a few other snakes.

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