Hi everyone. I live in a condo complex that has four buildings which are all security buildings. I've lived here for a long time and I always felt safe until now. When I got home last Friday there were flyers posted on all three doors to my building. One of them said that a unit in my building had been burglarized on Wed. May 22nd sometime from 1pm-9pm. The other flyer said that at least 3 units had been burglarized in my building and another building on Thurs. May 23rd sometime from 11am-4pm. Tonight when I got home I saw another flyer with a picture of a car on it. It said that this car was stolen probably on Mon. May 27th during the night and they think that someone is targeting this complex.

On Thursday morning May 23rd, a woman that I did some pet sitting for came by so that I could give her back her keys. I went downstairs to let her in around 10:30am. I did notice that there were several men hanging around outside like they were waiting for someone. Someone also wrote a note on the back of one of the flyers that said that there were several workmen in our building on Wed. & Thurs. and that they left the doors open to our building so anyone would be able to get in. I left for work on Thurs. May 23rd around 11:15am and I didn't notice anything suspicious. The flyers also said that it looked like the burglars used a crowbar to open up the doors so they said to make sure that you make sure that your front doors are bolted and that all windows are closed when you leave. I always do this any way.

On Saturday I decided to walk around to see if I could find the units that had gotten broken into. I live on the second floor and one of the units was just down the hall from me. That's too close for comfort. It looked like the other 2 were on the first floor. I sure hope that they catch whoever is doing this soon. We already have a security patrol truck that drives around our parking lots at night. We're also supposed to have some security cameras in the parking lot areas but I've never seen them. My biggest fear would be if someone broke into my condo and then let my cats out. Losing any of them would be much more devastating to me than losing any of my material things. Thanks for reading this and please send some positive vibes my way.