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Thread: Lesson: ALWAYS Microchip and keep tags on your dog!

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    Lesson: ALWAYS Microchip and keep tags on your dog!

    While walking my psycho Puggle today we met a "friend" who was on a walk without permission. Red collar, no tags. He was so sweet and friendly and was trying to play with Mikey. He was a Golden Retriever. I didn't recognize him at all. I made my Dad take psycho inside and got an old leash. I started walking nameless down the block asking people if they recognized him and no one did. Called my friend down the block and her mom called the Vet and they told us to come in and get him chip scanned for free. I didn't expect him to have one and I thought I was gonna need to take him to the animal shelter for the night since I couldn't keep him. My mom called the non-emergency number for the police and we left our name with them. Turns out he had a chip! He lived across the street 3 houses down from me! Never in my life have I seen this dog and they have had him for 4 years. Nameless is now known as Ralphie. All of this took place in 2 hours, it was pretty nuts though. Turns out Mr. Ralphie got out of the yard. Kids parents weren't home and he was sleeping. He was very apologetic and happy his dog was home. The dog was obviously loved and well taken care of. He was SUCH a sweetie. It's just weird how he was not recognized by anyone because his owners never walk him. He was a great dog though.

    LESSON: Please MICROCHIP your pets, they can be home within hours if they are ever lost! PLEASE have tags on your dogs collar, it's such an easy thing to do and can save their life.. There's no reason NOT to have these things for your dogs. It so cheap and easy and it CAN save their lives.

    Anyway, Social Media can also help! I had tons of people trying to help out on Facebook! Here's a photo of Ralphie just in case, I snuck a few, he was gorgeous.
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    I'm thinking that psycho pug has found a new walking buddy. Now that you know where he lives, why not volunteer to walk him with psycho every now and then?

    We had a similar situation in our neighborhood. This poor dog never got walked. One day, when the family was out in the yard, I asked them if I could walk their dog. They were surprised, but agreed. We had a good 'ole time. I think I asked another time or 2 with the same results. Then one day, I saw them taking him for a walk. Seems they realized that puppers need to get out and explore. Maybe it just took someone else taking interest for them to figure it out.
    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    Thank you for making the effort, for taking the time, and getting Ralphie home once again.

    I also was thinking you could ask if he can walk with you and Psycho Pup! Maybe some of the manners will wear off

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    So good he had a chip! Maybe they walk him, but earlier in the morning than you are up? Looks like a happy, healthy pup, glad he was chipped so easily found his way home!
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    Good for you Alyssa for helping Ralphie! My dogs are both chipped.
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    Yay! I am glad you helped Ralphie find his way home! Another important lesson, please make sure you update microchip information when you move, switch numbers, etc. I have ran I to so many strays with chips but outdated information!

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