Eve had her annual wellness session this morning and as always, was such a good girl and melted the heart of a new vet at the hospital. She is a happy, healthy little girl (not to mention gorgeous) and took her shot like a good little soldier. A tip the vet gave me for keeping her teeth in good condition is NOT to use a cat tooth brush but instead to buy a Winnie the Pooh tooth brush designed for infants (not much larger than a Qtip) and clean both sides of her gums (with water) every day for 10 seconds. Apparently it works really well for maintenance. If your cat's teeth/gums are already bad, it won't fix the problem however, once the kitty's teeth have been cleaned, this procedure helps to maintain the gums' health. I guess Evie will soon have her own (baby) toofbrush.

Another bit of information I learned today is if a female cat has had a litter, she is more vulnerable to breast cancer. The vet checked her thoroughly in the breast area and advised that if I ever felt any unusual lumps, to have her checked immediately. I love how thorough he was with her exam and how well he communicates on preventative care. It was a good visit.

Evie is now happily tucked into her blankie having a much deserved nap.

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