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Thread: Eve - Happy and Healthy!!

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    Eve - Happy and Healthy!!

    Eve had her annual wellness session this morning and as always, was such a good girl and melted the heart of a new vet at the hospital. She is a happy, healthy little girl (not to mention gorgeous) and took her shot like a good little soldier. A tip the vet gave me for keeping her teeth in good condition is NOT to use a cat tooth brush but instead to buy a Winnie the Pooh tooth brush designed for infants (not much larger than a Qtip) and clean both sides of her gums (with water) every day for 10 seconds. Apparently it works really well for maintenance. If your cat's teeth/gums are already bad, it won't fix the problem however, once the kitty's teeth have been cleaned, this procedure helps to maintain the gums' health. I guess Evie will soon have her own (baby) toofbrush.

    Another bit of information I learned today is if a female cat has had a litter, she is more vulnerable to breast cancer. The vet checked her thoroughly in the breast area and advised that if I ever felt any unusual lumps, to have her checked immediately. I love how thorough he was with her exam and how well he communicates on preventative care. It was a good visit.

    Evie is now happily tucked into her blankie having a much deserved nap.

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    Aww, good to hear! ENjoy you nap, lovely Eve!
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    She's beautiful, and what a lovely place she has for her nap! ♥

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    Hi Cuz! I'm so sorry you were subjected to the indignity of the V E T. So glad it's all OK, though, but whassis toofbrush?

    Anyway, it looks like you're having a comfy nap and you look great, so I won't disturb you any further. SHHH!

    Purrs, Pinot.

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    Yay, a happy and healthy Eve - that's good news! I bought a packet of childrens tootbrushes for Fister and started brushing his gums years ago, I really think it helped. He soon got used to it and expected me to do it every day. So it's great advice the vet gave you. Give Eve some kisses from me.

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    Hello, beautiful Eve! I'm glad you are healthy! Thank you for the tip about breast cancer -- Cassie did have kittens before I adopted her, so I'll make sure the vet knows that at our next visit. What a peaceful place you have for your nap!
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