I haven't updated in a while, I figured it was time, my life has been such a struggle!

Yesterday, I was sunning myself in the kitchen, when OUT OF NOWHERE came this cagey box thing. My experience with that has not really been good. It usually means I'm going to see this lady who pokes and prods and sometimes sticks a NEEDLE in me! Well, this was one of those days...no needle, but she CUT MY CLAWS! How dare she! Mom called it a pedicure, but I don't think so...hmph...

Then, we came home, and Dad made a MESS of my floor! The basement is MY domain - how dare he! His STUFF is everywhere! He better clean it up today or....or ..... well, I just don't know what I'll do, but it'll be something!

To top all this off, Mom & Dad were both too busy to take me outside! It was nice and sunny and I was inside almost all day after my unfortunate excursion!! I just don't know how I put up with this!

I hope you all understand, I just thought I needed to report on such a stressful day.

Purrs, Pinot

Mom's note: the V E T visit went very well, Pinot is very healthy, no tartar on her teeth, weight down about a pound to 11.15, skin is good, and yes - she got a pedicure.