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Thread: Norah is gone...

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    Norah is gone...

    One of Chelsea's kittens, now five years old, died in her sleep a few days ago. My friends adopted her, named her Norah, and loved her like crazy. She grew up to be a pretty tortie girl with a mind of her own.

    She didn't act ill although she did seem to be really clingy. As you can imagine, my friends were totally shocked and devastated to find Norah had died.

    They are not members of Pet Talk but I wanted to honor Norah by starting this thread. Please keep my friends in your thoughts.....thank you.....
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    REst in peace, pretty girl. Our condolences to her people.
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    I'm so sorry! RIP, Norah, you were much loved. Peace to your family.

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    I am so very sorry. How shocking and heartbreaking, to lose Norah so young.

    My very deepest sympathy to your friends, and to you too and all who love her so much. Hugs to them and to you.

    Rest in peace, darling Norah, you are greatly loved and grieved.

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    A horrible shock for your friends who loved Norah so much! At least she did go in her sleep...and our furbabies are good at hiding their illnesses from us who would do anything for them.

    Sleep peacefully dear Norah - and hugs to your loving humans.
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    Norah was so young! My thoughts and prayers are with your friend's family. This must have been such a painful shock for them. Norah's love for them, and their's for her, will never die.
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