Hello all my old friends. I am not much of a "forum" person these days, but I think of you often.

My crew is aging (as are their purr-ents. LOL)

Monte, our oldest has passed the 19 year mark. He is thin, and maybe just a bit stiff in the bones, but doing quite well for his advanced years.

Simba and Calvin (see photo) are in the neighborhood of 15. Both extremely thin, possibly from thyroid issues, but we have opted not to test or treat due to their personalies (neither would be a good candidate for daily pills or other numerous procedures.) So as long as they are happy cats, so are we.

Willow, Ashley and Sterling are 13. Sterling has developed a lump (or 2). One is rather severe and agressive. I will be attaching photos, it is not overly pretty, but the vet feels that this type of growth would come back "with a vengence" possibly even before the stitches were removed (if it were operated on). He also has a small growth begining inside his mouth. Vet feels within 6 months this will prove to be fatal. So we will love on him as long as we can.

Beautiful Biddy White Whiskers is about 12. I will also be posting a photo of him.

Jim, Kim and even Bonnie (my first foster for One by One cat rescue) are all 11 years old. Can you believe it?

Mickey, Shilo, Natasha and possibly Mr. Meow are 10.

And the baby of the entire group, Hamlet, comes in at about 8 years old.

And Today is Charlie's birthday!! (I do not believe he wants me to post that he is pushing .....??) tee hee hee

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