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Please HELP!!!These cats are extremely URGENT! There are currently 18 cats in ISO at ACCT Philadelphia and many injured kitties. Kitten season has such a high intake and all cats are at risk for being put to sleep. If you can't adopt, foster, if you can't foster, share! Here is a link to the ACCT website with foster information. It provides temporary homes for companion animals in need. If you don't want to commit to an animal, it's a great way to save a life since space is limited!: The application is: Here is the link to ACCT's adoption program:

This girl is fabulous! Leah (A19688025) is a young, 1-2 year old female cat. She has a soft, fuzzy black and white coat. She was found as a stray wandering around in front of someone's house. Leah is very wobbly on her feet and it is likely she has CH or neuro issues. It doesn't slow her down one bit! She is very lovable and comes right up to you for pets. She is spayed and ready to find her forever home today!

Look at this handsome looking guy! Mr. Mellow (A19699154) is a fuzzy, Maine Coon boy! He is extremely outgoing and confident. He saunters right up to anyone that he meets. Bashful was found as a stray that had a pretty bad scrape along his side. His wound was clipped and cleaned but he has to wear the cone of shame until it is fully healed. He is currently being treated with antibiotics to help his wound heal. Mellow is neutered and will be ready for his forever home once his wound is healed.

Look at this handsome orange boy! Puss (A19694643) is a young, 6-12 month old male cat. She was sadly surrendered to our shelter because his owner said he always escapes. Poor Puss was injured when he was outside and his tail is severely wounded. He is scheduled to have his tail amputated and will need a place to recover. He is very sweet despite his painful tail. He is also combo test negative!

This boy has quite the personality! Cranberry (A19694643) is a 1-2 year old male cat. This big orange boy has a sweet personality and a big meow! He was turned into ACCT because he was suspected of having ringworm. He has a small bit of hair loss on the top of his head but it's hard to tell what it could be from. He was treated with some skin medication that should clear it up. Cranberry is very lovable and needs to leave the shelter ASAP!

This good looking boy is Khan (A19680648)! He is a 1-2 year old white and orange tabby who came into the shelter after being found at a park. Poor Khan sadly came into the shelter with some severe chemical burns to different parts of his body. The worst wounds are on his side and paws. Though his wounds have been clipped and cleaned, Khan is now in need of a quiet environment to recover in. Since he isn't feeling too well, he can be a little standoffish but warms up to you after you give him a couple pets. Give this sweet boy a chance!! Save Khan today!

Mason (A16327139) is a pretty special kitty. As you can see, Mason has two different colored eyes - one gold, and one baby blue. Pretty neat, right? Mason is an all white, male cat, who is 8 years old and weighs about 9 lbs. He was recently surrendered to ACCT by his previous owner who claimed he had bitten him! Well, if you would have seen what kind of shape Mason was in when he was dropped off, you probably would have bitten someone too!! Poor Mason's beautiful white coat was so heavily matted, that it was painful and had to be mostly shaved off. The strange part is, Mason LOVES to be brushed! He is feeling fantastic after his haircut! He obviously was very poorly taken care of, and now that he is cleaned up and feeling better, he is as sweet and friendly as can be. And we think is punky haircut makes him look pretty cool! We think Mason is a mix of a "fancy" breed, perhaps a Persian or a Turkish Angora, with a domestic shorthair. At any rate, he is a handsome gent, and he is ready for a forever home that will treat him like the Kitty King he is.

Meet little miss Darling (A19668370)! This adorable 6-12 month old girl definitely lives up to her name - she's darling! She was brought to the shelter when she was found wandering around someone's backyard. Darling has a pretty black coat, and the cutest crinkle ear. Her ear is an old hematoma, and it isn't painful or itchy, it just adds character! She's super social and friendly, and can't wait to find a family. She came in with a cold and is now in the isolation room where she doesn't get many visitors - and she LOVES visitors! She has a slight limp, that may be a her hip or stifle, but this girl isn't letting any of this get her down. She's happy, and playful, and loving, and can't wait to meet you! Come on down and adopt this precious Darling girl today!

Please help! You can't save all of their lives, but you can create a life for one!
Thank you.