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Thread: America's Vet Dogs

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    America's Vet Dogs

    Hi PT friends,
    I received something in yesterday's mail that touches my heart and for this reason I believe it's worth sharing.

    The letter is from an organization "America's Vet Dogs". The following is a partial direct quote about the wonderful job they do:

    "Since our founding in 2003, we have placed over 200 assistance dogs with wounded or disabled servicemen and women. We have deployed 8 combat stress control dogs in theater for active military personnel, and we currently have several dogs that are vital members of physical, occupational, and emotional therapy rehabilitation teams at VA military hospitals...
    While every dog is unique and specially trained to meet the needs of their veteran, they all share common traits - not only are they gentle, smart, and forever loyal, but most important, they are all helping our wounded warriors reclaim their lives...
    It takes nearly 2 years and costs in excess of $50,000 to raise and train just one assistance dog. And we place our dogs at no cost to the veterans or their families: (emphasis added) they have given so much already."

    If you'd like to learn more about these wonderful people, here's the contact information. They deserve our support:

    America's Vet Dogs
    Veterans K-9 Corps
    371 E. Main St.
    Smithtown, NY 11787-2976

    Phone 631-930-9090
    866 VETDOGS (838-3647)


    To all of you who have served in our armed forces and for those who are currently serving - THANK YOU!

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    Sounds like a worthwhile and worthy organization! Service dogs for Veterans makes a lot of sense, of course I think everyone* one should have a dog, but these dogs have extra special jobs!

    *who wants one, or a cat or a bunny or ...
    I've Been Frosted


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