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Thread: Pics of Buddy! *New photo!*

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    Pics of Buddy! *New photo!*

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ID:	56442Hi everybody, it's Buddy here. Mommy decided to take pictures of me...again! I was chillin' in the yard and she was taking pictures of the tractor in the field and the apple blossoms on the trees, then she started taking pictures of me. As soon as I realized I had her attention, I came running to her to see what she was doing. Then she fussed at me for moving...but she rubbed my belly anyway Bye, I'm off to see what Lolli is doing.

    I tried giving him his summer haircut on Saturday, but his coat is way too thick for my poor clippers. I accidentally bought a light-duty clippers last summer Now he looks like a half-shorn sheep because my clippers got hot before I was done. I guess I'll have to finish next time I get a chance.

    This winter they decided to chew on their plastic doghouse I got a new one, and they chewed that one too. So I had a brilliant idea! I found someone with plastic 55 gallon barrels that had a hole cut in the lid. I lay them on their side and they make wonderful, cheap doghouses. Lolli loves them!
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