Hi Seymour! Happy Pet of the Day to you!

We've been treated to a bevy of beautiful Bearded Dragons here on Pet of the Day recently, and you Seymour are among the most special of all, not only because you're beautiful, but because you're as sweet and gentle and loving as they come! AND your computer proficient and whiz at homework, too! What more could a young person hope for in a critter companion! And I have to tell you, Seymour, when I read you love to cuddle up with that scarf, covered with your human's scent! You and your person certainly do share a very special, unbreakable bond of love and trust, and no doubt that love will only grow stronger over the many years to come! How lucky your mom/dad is, having a "first" as special as you, Seymour! You truly are one in a million, and so very worthy of being honored here today!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! I hope you're enjoy a very happy Pet of the Day, being loved and pampered to pieces!!!
Lots of love and gentle strokes to you, precious Seymour!