Nickolena is my darling baby girl. When Nickolena was born, she was unable to use her back legs and couldn't walk until she was three months old. She was given to the Humane Society of Utah soon after she was weaned and put into their foster system. When she and I first met, she was six months old and it was love at first sight. She was such a darling little girl who didn't really understand that I was going to be her new mommy. She had only just started to really be athletic and curious about the world around her like a normal kitten. My family and I took her home and for the first night she hid under the bed and I sang to her for hours to help her calm down. That was a year and a half ago.

We've since found out that she has both mental and physical deficiencies (she may be a CH kitty) but that doesn't stop her from being the most loving and sweet baby for her mommy. She loves to play "Baseball" by batting thrown pieces of crumbled paper around and even retrieving them from time to time. She also likes to play rough and tumble with her older big brother Link (a Maine coon mix) and her stuffed toys. Her "Nani" loves to rub her belly and give her cuddles when I leave for work early in the mornings and my fiance calls her his princess. She is loved by everyone who meets her just for the sheer and simple fact that she loves them too. She loves her momma best, though!
Good morning, Princess Nickolena! You are a very special Orangey Girl! And a beautiful one, too! How wonderful that your mommy has loved you from the very first time you met, and brought you home! Your Nani gives you tummy rubs and cuddles, and you are mommy's fiancé's princess too! You have your people and big brother Link to help you develop all your abilities. It sounds like yours is a terrific life, full of love and fun from morning till night!

You can count me as one of your adoring subjects, pretty Nickolena! Happy Cat of the Day to you!