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Thread: Smokey has gone to be with Phred!

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    I'm so sorry, Diana. You and Carl did a wonderful thing, taking those two in. Smokey is at peace now - with Phred

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    I am so sorry for your loss. It is always hard to lose a beloved pet. My condolences to you.

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    I'm so sorry to hear this news. It is never easy on us, but how lucky was our Smokey to have such fabulous owners! What a great life he had, and you made sure it stayed that way right to the end.
    Bless you.

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    I had to post again to say - I love that picture you posted at the end ... classic Smokey, being petted and stretching toward the person at the same time!
    I've Been Frosted

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    So sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose a furkid, but in this case, knowing Phred was waiting for Smokey perhaps it's a little easier. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
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    Thank you, Diana and Carl, for taking such good care of the Prayer Pups. Smokey was at times, I believe, a challenge for Phred to socialize him (I believe he had had some rough times with a previous owner - if I'm remembering correctly) and I remember the time Phred was trying to break him of his barking habit when they were visiting our mother at Frienship Village - he didn't always like being left out in the car while we were at dinner!!! But Phred had a special way with his furkids and loved them dearly. I know there was much tail wagging, jumping around and barking as Phred welcomed him at the RB. Having a part of Phred with you every day is special treat. I'm hoping that Cinder is not missing Smokey too much. (((Hugs))) to you and Carl and a special pat for Cinder pup.

    Nancy (Phred's sister)

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    I am so sorry to read of Smokey's passing.
    I am certain, though, that Phred was there to greet Smokey with wide open arms.

    ((hugs)) to you for taking the pups in, and loving them so well.

    I will miss you forever, my sweet Scooter Bug. You were my best friend. 9/21/1995 - 1/23/2010
    Goodbye, Oreo. 4/2003 - 9/12/2011. Gone too soon.
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    I am just now seeing this. I am so very sorry!!! I think everyone on Pet Talk who knew Phred loved Smokey and Cinder too. I know I sure do. You gave them both a very loving home when they would have been so lost without Phred. Thank you so much for that!!! I'm not sure there are any two dogs on this planet who have had so much love.

    Please take comfort that when he left your loving care, he stepped into the loving arms of his favorite fireman!!!
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    I hope and pray there is a Heaven. I hope and pray that Smokey was happy and wiggle-butted and tail-waggin' all over the place as he was running to Phred.

    Thank you and Carl for giving two special dogs their forever home.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    I was also sorry to see this news, but am glad that he and Phred have been reunited! The prayer pups will always be a part of all our families and many thanks to you guys for taking them in! *hugs*

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    I've talked to you since this happen and you know my heart breaks for you. You were such a blessing to take them in and give them the love that they have known since "Dad" has been gone. I thank you from the bottome of my heart for opening your heart and home to both of them. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love to you both!
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    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    Staci, thank you for directing me to this horrible news. Oh, I know - we should be glad when we can ease our pets past their pain and suffering across the rainbow bridge. I am glad, but I also am selfish enough that I have a hard time letting go. I feel as though I have a huge weight on my chest - in sorrow that Smokey is gone.

    Diana and Carl - none of us will ever be able to properly thank you for taking these two precious dogs into your home. We know that they received the best of care and lots and lots of love in your home. All of us are beyond grateful.

    This loss will be hard on Cinder - please give her extra hugs for me.

    It is just life - but things are changing aren't they? I felt it ever since we lost Phred - how many of us loved loved loved that man - he was so good to all of us. I learned a lot from him.

    Diana and Carl - I send you warm gentle hugs and many thank you's for all you have done.

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    Diana and Carl - huge huge hugs to you both from across the miles.
    Thank you so much for taking SmokeMutt and Cinders into your loving home. I am sure Phred was there at the RB with ChawKlitt cookied for SmokeMutt.

    Once again, as so many have already said, thank you so much for taking care of the Prayer Pups.

    Michelle and the Spotties
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    Diana and Carl, I'm sending lots of comforting thoughts to you, and to dear Cinder. She also must miss Smokey, after so many years together. Please give her some hugs from me, too.

    Here's the thread about how Smokey came to live with Phred and Cinder - excellent reading

    The thread also won best thread of the year 2001. Go read it!
    Winner - Thread of the Year 2001 - Winner

    First place, with 42%, or 12 votes was "Cinder wants to keep the stray she found"

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    I'm sorry I didn't see this thread until now. I'm so sorry to hear that Smokey has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
    You did a great job taking him and Cinder in and giving them a great Pet Talk home after Phred left us.
    I'm sure he was happy to be with Phred again, I hope that Cinder is doing ok and not missing him too much.
    Sending hugs to you and your family.
    RIP sweet Samantha

    Milly & Izzy


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