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Thread: Archer, the cutest big black dog ever!

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    Archer, the cutest big black dog ever!

    My brother and Archer were here for the weekend. They left this afternoon and I miss them both already! He is around 6 months now.. I haven't seen him since he was 10 weeks since my brother lives out of town. This dog is so much fun. So gentle and sweet. And, he loves my cat Tiger a lot. The feeling isn't exactly mutual.. but he tolerates him lol. Also he has a lot of more growing to do. He's around 45 lbs right now and might hit 55-60. He's supposed to be Husky/Lab according to the shelter staff but I don't see Husky at all. I think he would pass as a purebred Lab.. not that we care he's amazing!

    He used to be this little thing:

    And matured into this handsome dog:

    *more coming*
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